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Donald Harington was one of America's greatest writers of fiction. His fifteen novels are called , lyrical, foxy, attractive bawdy, lively, reckless courageous that was jubilant. Set in the fictional hamlet the stories blend fantasy of Harington, of Stay More, Arkansas, dreamscape and seen speech and manners to portray a rich rural society. All fifteen novels--from the timeless Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks, into the redemptive Choiring of the Trees, the romance With and the concluding publication Enduring, published only two weeks prior to Mr. Harington's departure-- are currently available as The Complete Novels of Donald Harington, a must-have collection for those who wish to read the best, authentic, modern American writing.

"The quirkiest, most first figure of work in modern US letters" -Boston Globe

"Harington is hooked in the deepest traditions of storytelling, dipping his buckets directly into the well everything comes out, pursuing a literature dedicated to not instruction or self-expression, however to fascinationwith to lifting us out of ourselves and the dailiness of our own lives -- into making our world again wondrous and large." --Los Angeles Times

"Entirely satisfying... Harington reveres the very ordinary details of the lives of unexceptional people. . .he makes his joy infectious." --Time Magazine

Donald Harington (1935 -2009) was created at Little Rock, Arkansas, and spent almost all his childhood summers in the Ozark mountain hamlet of Drakes Creek, his mother's hometown, where his grandparents operated the general store and post office. There, until he lost his hearing to meningitis at the age of twelve, he listened attentively to the Ozark dialect and the tales told by local storytellers. He published his first book also for a total of fifteen minutes

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