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Douglas Brown imagines a world where individuals have the perfect tools at the perfect time in order that they could use their imagination and skill to attain notable things in their own businesses and associations.

Having a Ph.D., and many professional certificates in project and program management and information technologies (IT), he's well-versed in best practices.

Douglas consists of two books, Allow It Simmer which covers project and program managers, and also the coming Simmer Until Done for almost any individual or company.

His Simmer SystemSM ( provides steps for getting the initial situation in check, then moving to a point where complex undertakings like best practices may get realistic objectives.

Douglas acquired the experience to come up with his system throughout his over 20 years in an internal supervisor and also a consultant working with private sector and government organizations to put in, restart or repair business processes.

A few of his more memorable adventures and outcomes comprise:

- Found ways to conduct training when Army units had no funds, such as flying them into global exercises in exotic locations.

- Constructed solid relations and support with officials in cities and counties across Germany during a time when the Soviet Empire, at its final gasps, was waking anti-US rallies.

- Located private sector options for providing adequate, affordable housing for military families in high cost metropolitan regions, and for government employees (e.g. Park Rangers) in extremely remote locations.

- Built the fiscal model for the army base closures process.

- Constructed a revised ecological model that finally replaced the unsuccessful Superfund program approach with a quicker and much more affordable results-based method.

- Constructed cost models and associated manageme

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