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QUALITY.  We're talkin' professional-grade bakeware. Doughmakers utilizes a superior, thicker gauge of aluminum to get solid, recyclable products. We take pride in our workmanship.

DESIGN.  Talking of craftsmanship, just take 1 look and you will see why people stand out. We have strengthened the handle areas on all our bakeware. We have given our cake pans extra thickness and right sidewalls for consistent, professional results. Along with the edges of our pans are rolled, beaded, and/or coined to prevent twisting and warping.

THE ORIGINAL PEBBLE PATTERN.  The unique feel on all Doughmakers bakeware provides many performance advantages and it will not scrape off, because it is not a coat--it is embossed right in.First, it allows for airflow underneath your baked products--leading to even browning and effortless release. Next, it's great when you're greasing and flouring a cake pan, because it helps hold a little shortening that otherwise might be wiped off. Ultimately, it provides all Doughmakers bakeware natural nonstick properties without the need for excess dirt or unhealthy aerosols.

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