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USA Today bestselling author of the new Blue Hollow Falls series, Donna Kauffman is gratified to watch her publications get reviews in venues which range from Library Journal and Kirkus Reviews into Cosmopolitan and Entertainment Weekly. She resides in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, in which she is currently currently applying her crafty DIY skills. When she isn’t active working her "Jellystone Daycare" to the neighborhood infant bears who like climbing all her trees while still mama bear forages around, and she's hauling injured/orphaned wildlife for the Wildlife Center of Virginia and also Rockfish Sanctuary as a volunteer transporter. She loves to hear from viewers! You may contact her through her website at

Quotes & Opinions for the Blue Hollow Falls Series:

"Witty dialog, hot personalities, Donna Kauffman's a must-read!"     --New York Times bestselling author, Jill Shalvis

"Enchanting characters, emotion galore, a small town--you're likely to adore Donna Kauffman!" -- New York Times bestselling author, Lori Foster

“Kauffman is masterful at scene painting, which draws the reader into the serene setting of Blue Hollow Falls. . .Compelling and cute. . .The beginning of a promising show. . .Fresh in spectacle and thoughts. ”
– Kirkus Reviews

“A stunning setting (complete with a gorgeous waterfall), a welcoming city, and unique, adorable characters make   Blue Hollow Falls a dream destination for readers and this alluring romance a perfect launch for a promising new series. ” - Library Journal

“The very first novel in a new series by Kauffman comes with an interesting cast of characters, scenic scenery and a few funny moments. Even though the characters have plenty of chemistry, the love is quite mild, so

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