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Doris has been digging into issues about women's finances ever since she found herself nearly $400,000 in debt and also widowed at the age of thirty-two.

Before her husband's death, she was an fully-funded doctoral student, on track to be a professor of Neurolinguistics. Departure, and her husband's cancer, transformed everything. Without intending to, she walked away from the academic career to be a businesswoman.

Doris paid her off enormous debt in a couple of years, developed a substantial property portfolio, was president of a community property investors' business, and built a successful Rent to Own company, which she conducted for nine decades, while helping families repair their credit and qualify for a mortgage.

She has turned her attention to assisting girls strengthen their finances.

Doris is with her fiscal and credit-repair expertise, her research background, along with her desire for consequences to uncover why girls, overall, are more financially vulnerable than guys, what can be done about it, and what really works.

She writes about women, cash, financial protection, and investing on her website, which is read by tens of thousands of individuals around the world. She does speaking assignments and instructs workshops on subjects related to financial literacy.

You are able to link with Doris on these sites:
Twitter: @DBelland

Or, you'll come chat in individual in Ottawa, Canada, where she lives with her husband, their two daughters and a very busy colony.

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