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Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Dr. Jorge E. Rodriguez (“Dr. Jorge”-RRB- has been born in Havana, Cuba in 1958 and is bilingual in English and Spanish. Throughout his early years moving across the United States, Dr. Jorge managed to visit and appreciate a lot of the country, from the socially volatile world of 1960s Detroit, into the hustle and bustle of 1970s New York City, to the huge immigrations that occurred in South Florida. All these were instrumental in forming his views about medication and society’ role in health care.

Dr. Jorge was also graduated magna cum laude from the University of Miami at Coral Gables, FL, with a diploma in chemistry. He attended the University of Miami School of Medicine, where he was Student Body President. It was in medical college in 1981 where Dr. Jorge medicated his very first patient with AIDS. He chose to pursue Internal Medicine and furthered his internship and residencies at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, FL and in Charity Hospital at New Orleans, LA.. Dr. Jorge reasoned his medical education with a fellowship in gastroenterology at Baylor School of Medicine in Dallas, TX.

Life and chance took Dr. Jorge to California, where he began practicing gastroenterology at 1988. At that time, the AIDS epidemic was also exploding. It was then that he shifted gears to overall drugs and HIV from his chosen field of gastroenterology. In these 20 years he has developed an worldwide reputation as a primary care doctor and as a researcher at the war against HIV. He has been part of a number of the past two decades' HIV analysis. He was among the founders of the American Academy of HIV Medicine and president of California Chapter of the American Academy of HIV Medicine, and President of the Board of Directors of AIDS Services Foundation Orange County.

He's a frequent medical guest on national information and

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