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James Richards is a pioneer within the field of human improvement. He's combined intuition, energy medicine theories and spirituality to a philosophical approach that attracts about congruence in soul, spirit and body, leading to incredible discoveries in psychological management, health and abundance. He's a life consultant, coach, teacher and motivational coach. He holds doctorates in Oriental Medicine Theology and Human Behavior. He was awarded an honorary doctorate for many years of support. His certifications include: EFT, detox specialist, herbalist, handwriting analysis, substance abuse counselor, energy medicine as well as an impressive number of additional certifications and training certifications.

Dr. Richards has been successful as an entrepreneur who has built several
successful companies which range from contracting to real estate to marketing.

As a federal bestselling writer, Dr. Richards has written several books
who have sold a few million copies across the world. His most popular work is a life renewal program designed to equip individuals to change any element of the life through changing the beliefs of their heart; Profession & reg.

When asked why he has studied such a wide area his answer is
simple: "If it helps individuals, I would like to understand it"

The objective of of his job would be to "help individuals experience wholeness: spirit, soul and body"

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