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Dr. Robert B. Campbell Th.D. Is a best-selling author and has a passion to see people cured of all disease and sickness. He does research on illness and disease looking for common roots and cures. He hosts a school of healing and writes broadly. He's the author of countless books and articles which include "Freedom From Migraines", Freedom From Endometriosis", "Freedom From High Blood Pressure", "Freedom From Acid Reflux", "Freedom From Eczema" "Freedom By Acne", "Freedom From Allergies" and "Freedom By Asthma" and much more using over 250,000 Pool of Bethesda publications in circulation. He has made numerous television appearances and is in demand as a speaker. Robert has been married to the love of their life for more than 36 years and is the father of 4 and 4's grandfather.

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