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Dr. Surbhi is Dermatologist by profession, skincare and skin care counselor by fire and spiritual being in your heart.

Few months into practice, Dr. Surbhi understood that there's more into dermatology, when individuals bombarded here with questions like, "What is my skin type?" , Which face clean or ice-cream should I buy?" Or "Does natural skin care product work?" . Henceforth, she embarked on the journey of blogging exploring on components, researching DIY skin care and skin care counselling.

Eventually, this is exactly what kept her adrenaline rushing! The end result is, a website that provides skin care advice, products and home remedies customized to your own requirement your skin and hair. She is also working on raising awareness concerning chemical free skin care products and loves formulating skincare products at home.

Why Acne-fied?

You'll find endless resources on acne online. They lack either personalization or authenticity. Acne includes a varied presentation that requires a OTC solution or home treatment.

The book Acne-fied was composed after three years of study on acne and offers a solution to win the war against acne with the help of diet, lifestyle changes, home treatments, along with OTC anti-acne goods, that overly customised for the diverse presentation of acne and skin type. Dr. Surbhi has also emphasized in this novel, how to make the best use of OTC anti-acne goods offered in US and UK over-the-counter.

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