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Dr. Robert Puff, M.A., M.Div., Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, author, international speaker, marriage counselor, and life coach that has been successfully counseling individuals, households, organizations, and businesses for over twenty five decades.

A contributing writer to Psychology Today with a personal clinic in the Orange County area, he is known as one of California’s leading therapists and mental wellness management experts. His approach to treatment and also to life will be holistic ideas, emotions, physical health, nutrition, and relationships. He instructs people to forego their negative thinking patterns, manage their anxiety, heal from traumatic experiences, develop their spirituality, and triumph beyond their own expectations in life.

Dr. Puff carries a master’s degree from Princeton and a second master’so diploma and Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Fuller. He taught as an adjunct professor at Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology and has worked as staff psychologist at Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, Sepulveda V.A. Medical Hospital, La Puente Mental Health, along with St. Jude’s Medical Hospital.

Dr. Puff has given thousands of press interviews and frequently appears on national TV and radio chat shows. His books have been on the bestseller lists in How to Live a Lifestyle: The Art of Living was the #1 bestseller in novels that are iTunes in the “Self-Improvement” class. He also co-hosted the weekly app, The Holistic Success Display, which can be seen in more than a 200 nations. He also hosts The Meditation for Health Podcast, together with The Happiness Podcast, as well as lessons on meditation.

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