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Bestselling author Scott Johnson is admired by his peers for his ability to take complicated health issues and make them clear to the general people. His writing style is appreciated and attainable by most. His diverse educational history (doctor of naturopathy, Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner, Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist, and Certified Professional Coach) and evidence-based approach to natural treatments make him a leader in natural medicine. His passion lies in sharing the secrets of natural healing with other people that seek higher health.

He spent most of his youth in Utah, where he gained a passion for creative writing. Recognizing his potential in a young age, his instructors and loved him to explore his developing writing talents.

Scott continued to craft original and creative stories during his adolescent years and served as a yearbook author and photographer in High School. He published his first book, "Nutrition: A Word of Wisdom," in 2009, and has published over 250 editorial bits in various online and print books.

His original fictional book and musical CD "Jeremy's Christmas Journey" was released in October of 2012. The CD features the work of gifted composers Lyle Hadlock, Julie Hawkins along with Jonah Hadlock, and the rich voice of five former or present members of BYU's Vocal Point, as well as other gifted vocalists. .

Ever since that time, Scott has released several additional books, such as the Amazon bestseller "Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails: An authoritative guide to essential oils which could save your life during a crisis," and also "Evidence-Based Essential Oil Therapy: The Ultimate Guide to the Therapeutic and Clinical Application of Essential Oils." Each book provides unique insight to the world of healing, helping the reader find optimal well-being.

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