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Andy enjoys sharing everything he's learned about himself and many others through his work, also admits to having done everything there's to do with relationships and individuals the wrong manner; importantly he now actually knows a thing or 2 about people and relationships, and is able to give great advice, heard in the greatest university on Earth, URL!

Though he's got a doctorate, many people who know Dr. Andy would likely agree that he gained most of his secrets, he likes to discuss his writings, even at the school of hard knocks, or what is sometimes referred to as U of RL, which, contrary to what tech fanatics may state, is your University of Real Life, and not a location in cyber space! Dr. Andy has written a lot of articles on education, and a book on school management, all of which are well received. He's spent lots of decades as officer and a pioneer at the Canadian Army, and since leaving has been working together with ESL and Learning students as well as lecturing in universities and conducting teacher education and instruction in many of settings.

While in URL, Andy was in barbarous relationships, has adored a narcissist, had a maniac to get a boss (more than previously) , had his psychological life ripped apart, been rejected (a LOT more than once), been given up on, and given himself up a time or two. Today, though he is a bit ripped up here and there and possibly somewhat rough round the edges, Andy is fair (well, sort of), happy (typically) and spiritually fulfilled.

Andy offers no miracles or simple routes through the jungle of existence. What he can provide in his work is a sensible path and a sensible perspective during the challenges we can anticipate from time to time, no matter how good our insurance policies might be.

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