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Thank you for taking a minute to drop by my site. The final thing I believed I'd turn into was a writer. I had a vivid imagination, adored animals and all of creation (such as snakes), and a too busy brain. I doubted my ability to place thoughts on paper.

Now after all these years and also a lot of writing--books, chapters, journal and magazine articles, along with an active blog at still think I've got more to discover about the craft. But I haven't regretted it and chose years ago to take the plunge.

I teach an Evangelical seminary--Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary close Raleigh, NC--but I promise we do not instruct snake handling :--RRB-. I'm married (35 years now!) To the most awesome wife named Michelle. We are blessed with two kids: Josh, who's currently writing a novel with me only now, and Hannah, who had our of our kids are married to folks that are young that are great. We have a very close family and revel in each other a excellent thing.

I travel and talk a good deal. A year, from lectures at universities to direction convocations, from church occasions into youth camps in the summertime. I like talking on the revitalization of Christianity and missional alive (if that is a new semester, buy my most recent book, grin).

Greater than anything else I'm a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. My entire life has been altered, and I have never really recovered :--RRB-. So my books all reflect a need for people to know and follow Him. Blessings.

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