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Dr. Larry McConnell is a retired psychologist who obtained his doctoral degree in counseling psychology from McGill University. He also worked in the health and social services areas as the CEO for 2 big not-for-profit associations in Ontario and Alberta, Canada, first as a medical psychologist and afterwards for more than twenty-five years. He belonged to a variety of professional associations across Canada and is recorded in Ontario's Who is Who (1996). Throughout his career, he has made regular guest appearances on TV and radio as administrator, a psychologist and author. He is a public speaker who easily captures the attention of viewers with attractive material and his edgy humor.

Dr. McConnell's latest publication, THE SENIORS' WORKOUT: Stretches, Exercises & Aerobics is an exceptional exercise program designed to help men and women over age sixty sustain flexibility, strength, balance and aerobic ability because they age. His book for seniors, A PRIMER FOR OLD GUYS: Exercise, Eat Smart, Be Happy, is a practical manual that sets out a strategy. He's a lifestyle option that is bound to maximize your lifespan and flexible, fun. There are no gimmicks. No quick fixes. Pragmatic strategies for keeping a lifestyle that is healthful, just well-researched.

He is also the author of the award winning book, CARDIAC CHAMPS: A Survivor's Guide. This publication is a read with people who are currently struggling with cardiovascular disease. It's a self-help book that teaches people how to live a healthy, vigorous, joyful life whilst handling the psychological turmoil that often accompanies cardiovascular disease. The author survived two heart attacks and cardiac arrest.

Dr. McConnell has written extensively over the years on such diverse subjects as healthy lifestylesand anxiety, couns

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