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DrTim's Aquatics is that the merging of the twin passions of our founder DrTim: fishkeeping and science. We make setting-up and keeping up an aquarium simple by sharing practical suggestions and proven products manufactured through years of knowledge and our very own actual science.  

Our products are developed from this dream with a very simple goal -- create fishkeeping simple. You do not have to be a biologist or chemist -- we've got that covered. You don't need to make mistakes -- we have made hundreds so find out from us. Have a little patience. There is no magic or secrets we have completed the research and produced the products and are happy to guide you to success with your tank whatever your level: professional or beginner.

DrTim's Aquatics has 9 products available for sale in the category of Pet Supplies.

DrTim's Aquatics is rated 8 out of 10 based on 1,292 reviews.

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AQUATICS 022200 Bene Fish Al Extras Refill product image


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Tims Aquatics Natural Aquarium Products product image


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DrTims Aquatics Clear UP Clarifier Freshwater product image


DrTims Aquatics Nitrifying Bacteria FreshWater product image