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E.N. (Edmund Nathaniel) Richardson (called Ned) was born at New York.

Growing up by very caring and loving parents and together with his younger sister Catherine (called Caty), that the family was quite poor and fought several financial setbacks.

Just 13 years old, Ned had a very clear vision for his life - a single day he would be able to aid his parents out financially and create a better future for his family and himself. At this age among his teachers gave him a book - and that book CHANGED HIS LIFE!

This is a novel about self help and positive thinking and the effect and wonderful effect that 'thinking the proper way' could have in your self-development and future. From this point until today E.N. Richardson was hooked to the concept of improving his abilities: "Change and improved Yourself - and your Surroundings and Future will alter Likewise!" Is the character of all his doing.

35 years after, successful in his occupation with a spouse and a 14 year-old son, he's determined that it would be good to share all of the wisdom and experience he had gained and assist others. Throughout his years as exceptional speaker, a reader and communicator he never stopped on his own journey of self improvement. His passion has shifted - is his new addiction.

Therefore he wrote the books:

1. Communication: How to Win Friends and Expert to Fight Conversations!
2. Mindset: 21 Mindset Tricks to Increase excitement and Your Success!
3. Emotional Intelligence: 7 EQ & Self-Control Secrets to Use your Emotional Intelligence!
4. Self Help: 21 Self-Help Tips for more excitement, Self Confidence & Success!

... all composed in the soul to supply exceptionally useful and practical guides for those who want to create a change within their own life - as he did before.

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