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I graduated with a BFA in Literature and Creative Writing, with children and then settled in to marriage. I thought writing was a fantasy from the past or some thing to be done "someday" in the long run, but lasted tinkering with a paragraph here and there.

My bible studies were were written to fulfill a demand. I researched the girls of the bible why they had been included in scripture to understand. God doesn't make mistakes, so there was still a reason, if they were chosen by God , of all the individuals who were alive. I wished to understand it so I live, avoid the traps, and also could master the courses.

I always believed I was more of a brief story person. Than someone with four children should make writing seemed like a commitment that was larger.

It was the woman who'd become my sister-in-law who urged me to complete "The Whisper Theory," otherwise it can still be a few dotted chapters sitting on my bedroom floor. Having someone interested and sending texts asking for the next chapter to you. . .well, that does something.

"The Bread of Angels" was different. Meghan's story was swirling in my own and had to get out. I had to write about suffering and things not turning out as you hoped and the hope that is still there when you can't see it.

The fact remains that my novels result in a closer walk with God, to understanding Him somewhat better, and also feeling optimistic about what's to come, even when you are in the midst of a not-so-hopeful time.

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