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EasiYo is a home grown New Zealand success story that started over 20 years ago and was born out of the urge of wanting to provide the goodness of oats and homemade to a family that is growing. Our background is in the center of who we are now and we work quite hard to keep what's made us good as we all continue to take goodness. Our narrative that is full is a read as it shares much more insight to who we are and what's really important for us.  

Measure 1:

Half-fill your yogurt jar drinking water, with room temperatures. Insert the contents of a sachet that is yogurt, pop on the lid and give it a great shake. Fill the jar up with more water to approximately 5mm from the top... and shake again.

Measure 2:

Push on the plastic add spacer down inside the Yogurt Maker as far as it could go. (Check the right side is facing upward). Pour boiling water towards the peak of the plastic insert spacer to the Yogurt Maker.

Measure 3:

So that it sits on top of their insert, set your jar. Part-way wills rise up the sides of the jar. Place the Yogurt Maker lid on and leave it on your kitchen worktop for 8 to 12 hours (or overnight) to allow the yogurt place... and the magical will happen!

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