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Alyssa Rose Ivy is the bestselling author of over thirty novels with over 750,000 novels sold worldwide. She enjoys to weave tales with romance and humor, and she's best known for writing about college boys with wings. After living law school and getting her masters in library science, she turned into her creative side and chose to write. Although raised in the New York region, she fell in love with the South after going into New Orleans for college. She resides in Alabama with her husband and 2 children, and she can usually be found having a cup of coffee in her hand.

New Release: Forged in Light (The Forged Chronicles #4)

String by Alyssa Rose Ivy

The Tales- Brand New Adult Paranormal and Fantasy Romance

-The Crescent Chronicles
-The Empire Chronicles
-The Dire Wolves Chronicles
-The Allure Chronicles
-The Forged Chronicles
-The Grizzly Brothers Chronicles
-The Pteron Tales

Additional Paranormal/Fantasy/ Dystopian marching
- Total Moons
- The Corded Saga

YA Fantasy Romance

-The Afterglow Trilogy

Contemporary Romance/ Romantic Comedy

-The Hazards Series
-Clayton Falls
-The Mixology Series
-Life After Falling

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