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Welcome My Wonderful Readers.

I should start this biography by knowing exactly what must be pretty obvious to some of you. E.H.Watson is in fact a pseudonym that I have adopted for publishing my previous written works and numerous other content that I'm making that should begin appearing on several different websites and mediums on the internet in the forthcoming weeks and months. It is true however that I am a man that is British and am a relatively young 35 decades of age as of Sunday 7th July 2013. I am now based in North London. That is in the United Kingdom for those of my readers who are not acquainted with England.

My motive for adopting a pseudonym is simple. I participate in many other entrepreneurial activities and ventures both offline and online and although I do not doubt that the majority of the people I meet through my different endeavours are essentially open-minded and decent, some of us are marginally more conservative and some might frown on my life. These individuals are I therefore are naturally entitled to their opinions and am sure decent human beings. I print under a different name, to avoid any humiliation. That's my reason for publishing articles and my own writings under a pseudonym.

That having been said, I'd advise all of my readers who live in the West enjoy myself, or even those who reside in conservative parts of the world and yet wish to enjoy life to the fullest and also explore their love or fascination about the next gender, to achieve this by conducting themselves in ways that are acceptable for their own environment. As a short example, although picking up a gorgeous ladyboy off the roads of Bangkok and paying her for sex may be perfectly fine there, I wouldn't attempt that in the united kingdom otherwise I would be performed for curb crawling or becoming a public nuisance - fair enough.

Okay back to my bio: I've lived in England all my life and up until a Couple of years ago, I had been livi

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