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Amanda Fleming raised and has been born in Dunedin, New Zealand. In which she is Co-Director of Presenter at Ltd, a highly successful personal development training firm created in 25,, she presently lives in Auckland. Amanda has been a front line police officer in New Zealand prior to recognizing the worth of advancement in settings and proceeding on to learn how to design and present development in business configurations. Her writing is informed by her experience of coping with tens of thousands of individuals from all walks of life . You may find out more about Amanda and her work at

Amanda believes from the inherent genius in every single individual and her work reflects her commitment to assisting others to discover more of their true self. To date Amanda has written two books: I CAN SPEAK CLEARLY. . .THE PAIN HAS GONE, a self help guide to positive and competent presenting and public speaking, and ACTIVATE YOUR HUMAN SUPERPOWERS - A PATH TO YOUR POTENTIAL, a generic personal development publication that concentrates on maturing five naturally occurring human 'abilities' to higher adult functioning.

Amanda Fleming continues to be dedicated to the conscious development of our species and believes in the power of the human person to change our world by focusing 'self' very first. She is facilitator, a educator and author in the growth space.

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