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Classic tank heaters waste energy via heat that is lost, take up a lot of space, can rupture and rust and may frequently run out of hot water when you want it most. With a slick design and technology, EcoSmart's water heaters not just save cash revolutionize the industry, zero floor space is taken up by them, are lightweight and provide endless hot water that is instant. EcoSmart's patented self-modulating technology simply consumes the specific amount of energy  needed   to warm the the quantity of hot water needed, which may save  up to 50% on water hating costs a month!  

Smart Features

  • Infinite hot water
  • Saves up to 60 percent in water heating prices**
  • The Most Sophisticated, self-modulating tech
  • Lifetime guarantee*
  • compact layout, more storage space
  • Digital, temperature controller, 1-degree increments

Smart Applications

  • Cabinets, showers & baths
  • Washing machines & dishwashers
  • Warehouses & offices
  • Hospitals, hotels & restaurants
  • RV's & boats


**Based on a 10-minute bath at 105 degrees Fahrenheit employing an ECO-8 electrical water heater in contrast to the same shower and warmth with water coming from an 40-gallon tank. By eliminating heat loss, savings additionally include 18-22 percent. *Lifetime warranty valid for versions ECO 8 - ECO 36.   †Select models. © 2014 EcoSmart Green Energy Products, Inc.. All rights reserved.

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