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I'm an author of books and non-fiction books, a writer of magazine feature articles, along with a globally published magazine and stock photographer. Working independently, I've pursued a broad scope of interests and fascinations that includes mountaineering and adventure travel, front-line ground and air battle in Iraq and Afghanistan, aviation and space exploration, the research and beauty of the atmosphere, aesthetics throughout character, and also quantum mechanics as well as the quest of the most basic constituent elements of the universe—just one of a host of different jobs. During my whole career I've worked as a writer and innovative photographer, frequently merging the two arts for a varitey of dynamic projects. I am the author of the critically acclaimed Victory Point (printed by the Penguin Group, New York; named a book of the year from the United States Naval Institute) along with three additional books (two roughly mountaineering and one about excursion sea kayaking). I am currently hard at work on a number of incredibly exciting fiction and non-fiction book jobs; please check the Books and compilation segments for more information and updates.

I've authored countless feature articles for publications such as Smithsonian Air and Space, Alpinist, Weatherwise (where I'm a leading editor), Australian Policy (online), and a number of different magazines and media outlets about subjects ranging from the physical geography of Mount McKinley to witnessing and photographing a space shuttle launch, one of a number of other topics and experiences.

My imaginative rights-managed inventory vision is represented by SuperStock, Getty Images, Corbis Images, and further distributed through an global system of over 100 major specialty bureaus. I am extremely blessed to have images of mine used on all Kinds of visual media throughout the globe over the course of my career, including the covers and interiors of some of this world

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