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Edna Moon Rollins is created from Eastern Europe but residing in Manila, Philippines. She's a dominant Filipino young woman who likes humiliation, FemDom, BDSM, and this sort of life. By day, she's a living as a massage therapist (where she's sometimes practises her love) She writes her steamy stories during her downtime on the job and at home.

She has researched Female Domination and male enhancement for Several Years. She's counselled with submissive men and female dominant spouses and interviewed several couples that practice this life in varying amounts. Not only that, she's personally lived and consciously practices this lifestyle. Her books aren't about the D&S community in totality but are solely dedicated to extreme Female Domination and male enhancement, largely to the intense.

And what about male submission? Some men want punishment (perhaps being calmed by a lady), climax denial (perhaps wearing a chastity device), then you will find guys who want to worship the female by tending to her bodily and sexual desires (body worship) and there are guys around who are eager to sacrifice their family stones to a woman. Castration Fantasy, Extreme Torture, Circumcision Fantasy and Heavy Humiliation. All these are Edna preferred.

For her, that is the true definition of Female Domination. It is Female Authority. Every one these fetishes are the indications of a man's need and desire for Female Authority.

Before you receive any of her novels, have an concept about what folks are doing and thinking behind closed doors within our society and how people are practicing FemDom. Who knows? You just might find a method of life that suits your personality and sexuality. But if you are interested in something hot and life affirming, you've arrived at the wrong place.

* Her tales definitely do not reflect how she likes to

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