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I spend most of my time setting my imagination to operate bringing alive the characters and areas which color my perspective of earth. Story telling is a tradition in my loved ones. I told stories about ghosts or dogs. I write about puppies and leave others to write about ghosts. I wrote humorous tales, experience stories and the biography of one woman.
I started writing and drawing comic books by age eight. I offered them on the streets of East Los Angeles. Throughout a long career in the United States Marine Corps I wrote I kept from the pocket of my utility jacket, during battle and peace instancesdisplaying my stories to Marines.

While my research at college were not oriented toward authoring novels, I never stopped writing about the world I live in and the intriguing people, animals, and events that triggered my own imagination.

Mr. Humm's fiction writing credits include the Golden Goose published by Alex Publications and also the award winning short story The War's over. His nonfiction credits are extensive with the Department of Defense, Bank of World Airways, America and many others. He received his BA degree from Chaminade University of Hawaii, where he did his graduate work in the University of South Carolina, also graduated magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa. As a teacher in Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida, he studied creative writing and also taught computer engineering.

His published works are at present on
He resides in New Smyrna Beach, Florida where he is working on his next publication which will be about the dreaded disease Alzheimer's that his excellent wife Dolores had until the end months ago.

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