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Edward Vilga is a author that has had seven novels published (many of which include yoga) and also written and directed feature films.

His latest book is THE YOGA OF MONEY MANIFESTO: A Radical New Way to Join Mind, Body, Spirit, and Bank Account. (Stone Heap Publishing, April 2017).

In THE YOGA OF MONEY, Edward Vilga uses yoga poses like metaphors for aspects of a single’s fiscal life. Debt, by way of example, if represented by Inversions, poses where goes upside down; Balancing on one leg at Tree Pose helps define the idea of having a Safety Net for if life throws your plans out of balance; Retirement Planning is likened to restorative poses where one uses fires to set things up for an extended allowing go interval.

Beyond that, THE YOGA OF MONEY also offers immediate relief via readily accessible yoga poses, breath practices, and meditations specifically designed to alleviate financial stress and permit prosperity and possibility to flow freely.

Formerly, his book DOWNWARD DOG premiered in June 2014 from Diversion Books.

Edward Vilga's other yoga books and DVDs comprise YOGA IN BED, which hit #1 on for a lot of health after he appeared on REGIS & KELLY and CBS' EARLY SHOW and his book had been featured in PEOPLE and Oprah's O MAGAZINE.

In addition, YOGA IN BED has been favorably reviewed in over 40 books and translated into more than a dozen languages.

Another favorite of his novels is UPWARD DOG which tells the story of how-despite being portrayed as a "epic yoga pro"--no one has ever taught him about spirituality and life than his chocolate laboratory Belle.

Edward Vilga is a Yale grad.

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