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I’m from mid-Cheshire, England. When I started a novel of 100,000 words to be printed at December 2013 on Amazon I came to writing after indulging in 2009; nonetheless, it took that long! 'Harrowing' is about what happens to fictional personalities involved with England's worst train crash where 112 people were murdered at Harrow and Wealdstone station in October 1952. It features the Crewe Railway Police which is parts very first police attack. &;#x2019 & #x2018; Harrowing; is currently also available in 3 components, and you can dip into it at no cost with Part 1: The Murders. Or, you can take all three parts in ‘Harrowing, hinting in Tragedy, Serial Killers, Kidnap and Romance’. If you'd like a large format 6 x 9 inch paperback you can locate it on this page.

I printed 'My Thai Eye' at 2012, a string of short humorous tales based on personal expertise, initially composed for family back home who wondered why I enjoy Thailand so much. To be honest, it’s not a fantastic parcel of non invasive but it kindled my interest in composing. 'My Thai Eye' received testimonials favorable. WARNING: THIS IS NOT A TYPICAL TRAVEL BOOK.

More lately, I've published the bigger, second publication in the My Thai Eye Series: ' 'My additional Thai Eye'. Part of MOTE deals with the other side of Thailand, such as prostitution, corruption and the army coup of 2014, that several reviewers asked; there's not any reference to bagels, I guarantee. WARNING: THIS IS NOT A TYPICAL TRAVEL GUIDE.

So what happened next? Well, something which is quite up-to-date: place in 2015 actually and has been printed on 30th April 2016. I have spent a lot of time within the last few years in Thailand - it is a nation. I have met many people, heard a lot of the stories, got to comprehend how they believe a little better. But the top

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