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Edgar Cantero (Barcelona, 1981) is a man who watches tons of films, resides on noodles, deifies women, attracts comic books, and writes books. Many people agree the latter two items are noteworthy.

Edgar's native languages are Spanish and Catalan; he began writing at all. His first book, "Dormir amb Winona Ryder" (Sleeping with Winona Ryder), has been given the Joan Crexells prize for best book of 2007. It was followed by "Vallvi" (2011), a punk dystopian thriller that emanates from the highbrow Catalan literary heritage. For his next book, he switched into the language of this genre fiction that he admires; thus "The Supernatural Enhancements" (2014) became his first English introduction. He continues producing substance in all three languages and contributing to magazine El Jueves. His work, ranging to screenplays, often features vibrant violence personalities, sunsets, thunderstorms, along with jokes.

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