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"What can I have to do to live a positive, joyful life?"
"What is the key of authentic successful entrepreneurs, who're not just after the cash?"

Out of his mid-teen ages, Edgar J. Keyes was asking himself these two questions and attempting to understand a few simple psychological and religious laws to learn the answer for these questions.

Edgar J. Keyes left his Theology research, construct up 4 companies and got invited as Board Member for a young entrepreneurs association, all prior to his age of 30. At this moment, Edgar is a leader at the top German and one of the best companies in garments and textiles.

Since he loves to travel, Edgar J. Keyes lived in five different states, traveled over 20 countries and still retains travelling to see new places as much as possible. He speaks 5 languages.

Edgar J. Keyes loves novels, he reads every day at least 50 pages on self development and individual psychology. Other than that, fiction publications help him instruct and relax his thinking.

One of his hobbies are photography, cooking because of their loved ones and also his love for pets, particularly cats.

Edgar J. Keyes has put his aim to talk about his wisdom and experience with all the planet since he thinks that "A happy world is a much better place to dwell in".

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