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Because it was established in 1959, EKO has been dedicated to serve and assist musicians, dismissing celebrity or skills.

Due to Oliviero Pigini's (founder of the new) forward looking attitude, EKO was famous as the largest guitar factory in Europe, with almost half a thousand guitars coming out yearly from their own factories. By 1959 to 1985 EKO was shipping -- out of Italy and from their European factories - to most major nations on the planet. Due to its stylish look, its good quality, as well as its good prices; entire generations have been introduced into music. At exactly the exact same time many professionals decided to play EKO guitars and still continue to do so throughout their performances. In 1985 the manufacturing was moved to factories outside Europe, joint-ventures were created in China and Czech Republic. Although all EKO guitars, basses and amplifiers are made in these countries, R&D is performed in Italy. Labs and offices are located within our headquarters close Recanati.

Additionally a small "Custom store" remains in Italy production about 100 guitars annually. EKO remains one of the most respected manufacturers, in Italy and all over the world.
More than 50 years of history ! How many musical instrument makers in the world could match this kind of outstanding track record ? In fact, very few.

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