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Ed Delacruz is a performer with a profound and enthusiastic appreciation for beauty in the spiritual and natural world. This sensitive and enthusiastic pleasure is reflected in his art as he incorporates abstract components and brushwork, leading to a psychological link to the issues he paints.

As a young man while in the US Army, Ed traveled around the World absorbing views and cultures, taking everything in. Unable to catch the minutes or feelings, but always keeping his childhood passion for drawing and painting close to his heart. Taking an art course here and drawing on class there while visiting school, seemed to nourish his inner passion.

With a diploma in Information Technology, Ed now works for a research lab in rolling hills of Bucks County, PA, in which he has been in a position to carry his natural artistic ability and enthusiasm for master and combine them into artistic scientific representations, site design and advertising and marketing materials.

However passion for painting never left, and Ed started painting special tiny pieces and selling them online all over the World.

Being an avid animal lover, Ed has also started painting commissioned portraits of other animal lovers. Sometimes claiming his four dachshunds - Sophie, Lulu, Coco and Sandy are his Muses.

Ed's work hangs in private groups- both at home and abroad as much as South Africa, Russia and Austrailia.

Ed has also released a extremely popular series of adult coloring books comprising dachshunds, pugs, pitbulls and chihuahuas.

Ed is presently living in Quakertown, Pennsylvania in which he operates from his house.

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