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I make stuff up. And I have fun.

Genre fiction provides me the ideal medium to construct worlds where readers may join me for fun adventures. Pick up one of my Men of Defiance historical western romances and slip your fingers around the Colt .45 of a legendary gunslinger, become a scout to get a wagon train, or ride shotgun on a stagecoach. Pick one up of the Red Team romantic suspenses and join the battle against global druglords and high-value terrorists with a popular team of counter-terror pros.

Romance fiction lets you be, for a couple of sweet hours, something you're not. That is cool, since every single time you look at life through someone else's eyes, then you know more about your self.

So read frequently. . .become who you were intended to be.

And email me => I enjoy hearing from readers! Drop by my website ( to find out more about my books!


I had been born a poor, white kid to a modestly affluent family, third daughter to a father who wanted only sons. I cooked and washed and repaired my evil stepmother's and stepsister's ball gowns till my very own Prince Charming stole me off. We had two lovely children, a boy and girl, who left our granola-eating, tree-hugging loved ones to become warriors and, well, Republicans. Our son noticed the siren call of the girl he loves and presented Prince Charming and me along with two beautiful grandchildren, a girl and a boy friend. Our daughter proceeds about the warrior's route and seeking to get a lifemate more alpha than she but has a cute to puppy to occupy her focus in the meantime. And if you think that this fairytale, you love my books give them a try!

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