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Elizabeth (E J) Lamprey resides in Scotland, in easy distance of Edinburgh. Scotland is loved by her but accepts that having a mere fifteen years residence she's nonetheless known as a tourist, albeit a tenacious one.

She's been variously a book writer on a city newspaper, a columnist at a national magazine, also a copy-editor and critiquer, a industrial blogger and a reporter on a nation newspaper, generally alongside more traditional jobs, using her maiden name, her name, or Lamprey, that is merely one of the four names with that she was lavishly endowed at birth, and the one she likes the most.

Writing a set of merry whodunits set at a Victorian retirement village is her favourite occupation, but a secret passion for SF led to a couple of novels appearing under the title Joanna Lamprey. Quite recently the research into singles sites that began with the Lawns book spawned another publication, this time under the name Clarissa Rodgers-Briskleigh.

One factor all of the books share is that the celebration of being no more youthful, yet quite certainly not yet old. It is the welcome and unexpected present, a burst of autumn sunshine and vitality of nature, and though that wasn't the intention, it is celebrated by most of of the novels to the full.

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