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Author mama, yoga and meditation teacher, speaker, and entrepreneur, Elena Brower is recognized internationally for her expertise in supplying practices for coming our planet with reverence that was realistic. She's the author of Art of Attention, currently translated into six languages, and also founder of, a virtual home for teachers globally. Sounds True in September 2017 will, releases her latest book, Practice You, A Journal.

Elena's own directed Audio Meditation Coursework is currently at, and she has helped curate a series of portraits of famous meditators such as a documentary film, On Meditation. A pupil, she travels to teach and study, as she learns sharing. She's been featured in Yoga Journal, Yoga International and on community news stations. Experience Elena's library of filmed clinics on​ ​#x & YogaGlo200b;. Com,​ and her Audio Meditations from Sounds True here on Amazon: 'Grounded and ' Free' and 'The Return Home.'

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