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I'm THE DOCTOR and my motto is. . .changing the way America eats, one recipe at a time! My motto is. . .healthy food is not going to do anybody any good if nobody eating it --it HAS to taste good and be simple to make.

So, are you using me? I spent a year researching all the study examples of FOOD SYNERGY (how components within food and involving meals work together on the human body for optimum health benefit) and the outcome was one of my favorite novels: FOOD SYNERGY (Rodale, 2008). Read the introduction, if you do not have a lot of time and proceed to phase 7. Your mind will be blown by this chapter. . .it's the "aha" chapter also it puts everything together and shows you the way the 10 synergy superfoods can transform your diet. The rest of the novel is full of entertaining and easy to create recipes and every recipe contains "food synergy notes" that list for you the various food synergy partnerships represented within that recipe (and there are normally at least 3 in each).

My second book is coming out at Spring 2010, TELL ME WHAT TO EAT IF I SUFFER FROM cardiovascular disease, and it's likely to help anybody who's at risk of heart disease or has cardiovascular disease. I'm very excited about this book since it contains and makes awareness of the latest research progress. I had known cardiologists review the book and I am thrilled they thought it would help their patients considerably and loved it.

On a lighter note... I often get asked what my favourite type of cooking is and palms down it's good old homestyle cooking. . .you understand. . .fruit crisps, lasagna, oven-fried chicken, chocolate chip cookies, etc.. Nothing overly fancy, just yummy! So, imagine how much fun I had working on my cookbooks "Comfort Food Makeovers" and "Fry Light, Fry Right! ."

I like to "makeover" all your favorite recipes to healthy versions that taste just as good but possess les

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