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Elin Kelsey is a leading global spokesperson for the environment and trust. She's science-based books for grownups and kids and the writer of more than a dozen surroundings. Her books have received excellent reviews from BrainPickings, the Washington Post, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Review and the Economist. So many people all over the world feel about the state of the surroundings, her work serves as an antidote into the desperation. Tragedy is focused on by the media and since science relies on problem analysis, we hear about conservation successes. The enthusiasm for changing the narrative beyond gloom and doom of Elin has got her fellowships at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center, Hedgebrook, both the Mesa Refuge along with Berton House . About World Oceans Day in June 2014, she invited others to share their good news stories for the seas and co-launched that an #OceanOptimism hashtag. Viral uplifting a wider Earth Conservation and Optimism Optimism motion and reaching more than 70 million users was gone by the tag.

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