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Elizabeth Hungerford, a former sales representative, had an astonishing healing journey through her battle with hypothyroidism many years ago, and now dedicates her time as a researcher, author, and speaker on various health issues, particularly women’s sexual health issues and lesser known yet quite important health ailments. She also actively participates in volunteer work and girls’s service groups.
A fun and enchanting speaker, Elizabeth was delivering talks to a variety of audiences, including schools, universities, community groups, and business organizations. As a writer and writer of women’so health, she has helped millions of women move forward in a male dominated society. She aims to enable the female voice, raise awareness of reproductive health, initiate social change, and shed light on poorly known diseases.
For a hypothyroidism survivor, Elizabeth additionally aims to share her knowledge about the ability of all-natural remedies and diets. She considers that appropriate nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is the secret to optimal health, and thus, has been prepare significant, substantial dishes for the entire family, and promotes an active method of life.
Elizabeth lives in California with her husband and two lovely daughters. In her spare time, she could be found cooking, reading, writing, spending time with her children, or hiking with her husband.

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