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Ella Goode, along with Kati Wilde and Ruby Dixon, is a contributor to the Motorcycle Club series. All these are novellas for if you need all of the warmth and emotion but don't have all of the moment. With term counts involving 20,000 to 30,000, these alluring stories will deliver a romance involving your favourite leather clad heroes and their ladies that are beautiful. Don't miss one!


HIS WILD DESIRE (Cheslea & Wrecker Number1)
HIS MAD PASSION (Cheslea & Wrecker #2)
HIS BOLD HEART (Cheslea & Wrecker #3)
Entire Set is available in "Death Lords Box Place: Chelsea & Wrecker."


THEIR PRIVATE NEED (Annie, Michigan, Easy Number1)
THEIR FIERCE LOVE (Annie, Michigan, Easy #2)
THEIR LASTING CLAIM (Annie, Michigan, Easy #3)
Whole Collection is available in "Death Lords Box Set: Annie, Michigan, Easy."

COMING IN JULY: Captive Ride, components 1-4.

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