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Hi there! I’m Elizabeth Walling, the author behind The Nourished Life website. I began my site in 2009 as a source for others that are thinking about improving their health and well-being the natural way, and wrote my eBooks The Nourished Strength and Enjoy Your Body to enlarge in my favorite subjects.

I began my health journey a over 8 decades ago and took a wrong turn. Like many young women, I believed under-eating and over-exercising were the route to wellbeing. Boy, was I wrong! After a few of years, my health was gotten progressively worse. I became an exhausted young mom with severe eczema, eczema, PMS, mood swings and no vitality! I knew something wasn’t right, and that started my research into health and nutrition.

Now I enjoy excellent health, sleep like a baby and my moods are fantastic (well, the majority of the time!) . But I wished to find out more, and I guessed there were a great deal of folks out there looking for answers, so that’s once I started composing.

But who am I really? I’m a hippie chick who digs rock ‘& bull#x2019; roll. I’m also a DIY-er who enjoys a wonderful set of heels. I refuse to get cable TV, but boy do I love air conditioning.

I’ve always been a little bit unconventional, and that is likely why I adopt an approach to getting healthy that includes listening to your body, finding what works for you personally and throwing dietary dogma from the window at which it goes.

These days I’m residing that the salt life my completely awesome husband of 12 decades and our two children on the Atlantic shore. We enjoy animals, homeschool, and essentially enjoy living outside of the box.

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