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Elizabeth Kraus is the proprietor of marketing Be InPulse branding and design and also also the author 365 Days of Marketing, Make Over Your Marketing and 12 Months of Marketing for Spa and Salon. (12monthsofmarketing. Com)

She has a passion for promoting neighborhood, independently-owned businesses and prides himself on crafting innovative solutions that can help them contend with companies of almost any size.

Elizabeth states, "Everything is marketing. To create a powerful business demands you to become conscious that your 'new' (what that people believe to be true for you or your business) has been assembled and enhanced -- or ruined -- in the minds of customers and prospects, each and every time that they come in contact with you or with any facet of your enterprise.

"Since people's perceptions on your company (and you) have been affected at each touch point, it's vital for the company owner to think through the customer experience from start to end, by the very first potential point of contact or exposure through the shopping trip, appointment or visit itself, to exactly what will happen afterward.

"Creating a more holistic approach, analyzing and taking control of all of the many factors which may occur provides the business owner the opportunity to look a really exceptional and exceptionally satisfying customer experience." For more information, see

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