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Hi, I'm Ellyn Davis. I have four children on earth and also two in heaven and my three sons were homeschooled by me all of the way.

I've led a very diverse life. Here is a brief retrospective to give a taste of who I'm to you. I had been born and spent most of my life and am a Southerner. I lived in MO, Ankara, Turkey, Sedona, AZ, Kansas City, and Redding, CA. My spouse and raised four wonderful children, two having severe challenges I've taken in 9 women that were nurture ; house schooled three of these the way pastored several churches; and built successful businesses.

I've visited five continents. The other two are on my "bucket listing"

I've always loved horses and has been instrumental in instituting rule changes that have left the horse show business a far more humane environment for horses. At one time I owned a world class Quarter Horse breeding center that created series champions.

I have always been an entrepreneur. I harbor’t because I had been a researcher at Emory University during school, needed a & #x201c; #x201d & real; 9 to 5 job. Started a company people & #x2019; t cash that was wanted ve. A number of my companies have been successful and many others have not done quite as well. I've got a passion for teaching folks how to build their own businesses and I would like to find every child have an education in addition to be taught life skills and academics.

Although my B.S. and grad studies have been in scientific fields, following a brief career in research at Emory University in Atlanta, I took time off to raise a family and develop several businesses. In 1986, THE ELIJAH COMPANY which became among the world & #x2019; s largest providers of Christian home schooling materials was founded by me. During the almost 20 years the Elijah

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