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Writer of The Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen, sterile Eating Chef, Creator of Fit Home & Health, Co-host of the Food in Session Nutrition Podcast, Co-Creator of Savage & Frisella apparel. I am located in St. Louis, MO.. My passion is producing clean, wholesome dishes that are not only delicious but also funding friendly.  
My job is to aid others with "real world" health and health-- it's about creating a lifestyle you'll be able to maintain and ditching the four letter word: DIET!   I say "real world" because many publications and internet posts include fitness models which produce a living exercising and have their food prepared for them by meal prep companies which sponsor them and that's not reality for 99 percent of us.   My motivation for starting to write a cookbook string 6 decades ago was for my love of my own frustration with all the nutritious cookbooks I discovered that featured hard to find, exotic or expensive ingredients that you would need to shop at 2-3 stores to locate.   Nobody has enough time for it.  

As a kid I always had a passion for cooking and producing southern style meals. My fire changed from “meals” to eating “food for gasoline” in my mid twenties. I felt like I had been sick too frequently, felt lethargic, groggy and about “off”. I was too young to feel just like this. It was then I started reading health & fitness centers and performing more research on eating healthful and clean. There were countless studies which proved wholesome foods, emptiness of chemicals, additives and dyes will be the best prevention for disease and illness. I was motivated. I knew I had nothing to lose so I began prepping my meals, shopping for clean foods and creating new comfort food motivated healthy dishes. I had been shocked by the consequences. By the 4th day in my brand new clean eating plan I already felt my concentrate enhanced and energy dropped.

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