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I'm a multiple Award Winning and Amazon Best Seller writer, and a homeschooling teacher/mother of five--my eldest is already happily married (phew!) Living in the Pacific West Coast of the USA.

Before life before kids came along I had been a copywriter for two significant marketing agencies and won a few awards, including the prestigious Clio Award for my advertisements.

I hope you find my tales rich and engaging. Please consider subscribing to my Amazon page, (click on the FOLLOW button) and then also visit my site ( to register for free publications.

If your kids want exciting and fun? Imaginative stories That will offer intricate characters and thought-provoking plots, head over to my website to sample my books. My tales are packed with moral values and give children something to consider long after reading them.

My tales for (YA) young adults, (15-18), Middle Graders (11-15) and Elementary readers (that you may also do as a read-aloud for the younger readers and go over the images and choices that the characters create) cope with:

Importance of Alternatives
Moral living
Household worth

Inside every one of my stories, the majority of these themes are present. Open up a dialogue with your child about them because you read the books together.

See me in Emma Right at for hints and thoughts on books, homeschooling, bible devotions, and author helps of various sorts: Also follow me on facebook and also "such as" her fan page at

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