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-BOOKS FOR SENIORS, THOSE WITH ALZHEIMER'S OR READING TROUBLES- Emma Rose Sparrow has been a successful writer of non-fiction for over a decade (beneath another pen name). When both of her parents have been diagnosed with dementia, another path was taken by her writing.

There is a need for books for seniors that are) formatted to be simple to read depending upon the reader's skills and two) by all appearances appeared just like a "regular" book a individual may be proud to own.

This has caused the creation of novels in 3 levels which have no text indoors or around the pay specifying that they have been for memory diminished, Alzheimer's patients or those with reading problems:

Level 3: Short stories, formatted to appear as a 'regular publication'. Each book contains a 7 chapter story that's nice and intriguing with a touch of comedy. Elements include: Slightly bigger text (16x font). Short chapters. Short paragraphs. 1 space between each sentence to encourage the brain to choose pause. Without deflecting the read, one or two vivid color photos per each chapter to give a visual clue to this subject matter. All publications in the series have grownup characters which the reader will relate to.

Degree 2: Reader does best with one large picture and 1 to two short paragraphs at a time. Each webpage is independent of another. Each book in this series focuses on the miracles of a certain colour: Orange, yellow, blue, green, pink, purple and red. With names like A Year's Worth of Yellow and also a Gathering or Green, the reader will have a complete "real" novel experience. The arrangement offers stunning full color photos using 1-2 sentences that are short . The decision to browse the 16x ribbon text or simply marvel at the photos is at the reader's discretion.

Level 1: To get book lovers who have attained a stage of not being able to read words, but still love to hold a

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