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I'm a girl that is lucky, a woman. Born in 1942, I stay fortunate by two friends, Wellesley's formal education and memories. I am glad my dad dissuaded me by a major ("A skill, learn it later,") indicating fairly History's tree "whereon to hang exactly what you love -- literature, art, religion broadly studied." I was blessed by adoring parents -- the Artist and the Physicist -- as they protected our childhood innocence by waiting patiently requested (1963) to answer, "What your dad has (multiple sclerosis from before my birth) isn't arthritis. He will write a letter" Seven years as a high school social studies teacher, atmosphere middling, I asked how a physicist, he said, had come two history majors plus a sociologist? "Man's biggest question is the essence of his relation to the Universe" he'd replied, "While physics probes the disposition of man's connection to the Universe, background probes man's relationship to his fellow man." I decided in my career season, when, after dinner, wearing my pajamas -- real red 'Doctor Dentons' using the feet, the flapper, & red shawl-wrapped, a dorm-mate, appearing, offered, "Elly, you'll make a ideal grandma."

Now using seven grandma, my career-dream has come true. Self-employed as after our first kid, I have run lots of businesses from home, such as landlady, Happy Mother Childcare, quilting classes, Cabin Fever Calicoes (1977-1985) a mail-order quilt-shop. Since 1983 I've written 20 books on Album and appliqué Quilts. A Word was written, fast, and with fervency, although I hadn't ever written a novel. I was enthralled from these previous quilts seen on exhibition, and that I believed I understood that these quilts were talking to us. My next thirty years staged with the Album Song of Baltimore as I l

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