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Eric Ericksen - Author of Defense Gardens, Ballistic Nutrition I, Edible Botanicals, Herbal Firepower.
Movie producer of Grass Roots Medic I - II and Edible Botanicals.

Equities Trader, International business development executive, acoustic survival gear maker, martial artist, wilderness plants survival teacher, nutrition expert, spice and herbal medication historian, Civilian Defense contractor, International contractor.

Ballistic Nutrition is Tactical ingestion for Strategic results. In Defense Garden know to see the produce isle and our garden .

To Get campers/hunters/hikers - Edible Botanicals shows in big image format the edible and medicinal wild plants out of our forests - you will be a specialist once done reading.

I feel a physically healthy - "ROGUE SCHOLAR" educated populace builds a stronger state - get that spark into your eye.

Herbal Firepower will revolutionize your views on shared kitchen spices and spices from a civilian defense perspective.

Grass Roots Civil Defense is a thorough common sense strategy to civilian defense.

We can all make a difference for our country by readopting the mindset of this WWII biggest production, filling gaps in our schooling with their wisdom.

True homeland security starts at the grass roots level - the one you and that I level - that the "us" from the USA.

Terrorism is a danger we must all face together, shoulder to shoulder - shore to shore.

United we could sew skill sets from several disciplines from Gardening - Nutrition - Wild Plant Identification - Hiking and Martial Arts making a true civilian defense adviser.
We are the typical torch bearers of the greatest generation - our Could Do American pioneer heritage will re-emerge.

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