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Eric Layton obtained a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering degree from the University of Florida with an extensive understanding of bioenergy energy, and renewable alternatives. Mr. Layton has particular skill sets in designing solar technologies, design and engineering of biofuel systems, and nuclear reactor training from the University of Florida. Mr. Layton has a proven ability to use applied research, particularly when he created and constructed the largest educational solar powered biodiesel center in the USA in Gainesville, Florida. He was the researcher into utilizing solar capacity to grow algae to be able to create biodiesel. Mr. Layton grew a number of strains for prospective algae growth research such as construction of a 100 percent solar powered photobioreactor program while at University of Florida.

His current jobs involve consulting for solar electrical in addition to solar hot water systems across the Southeast United States. Mr. Layton is actively concerned with the design, engineering, installation, and observation of several solar systems with International Renewable Energy from the United States and around the globe.

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