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I am an advocate of customs and alive, meditation and Buddhism. I think that these are the fundamental parts in attaining pleasure in life regardless of what situation someone is in. Spirituality without religion is an individual quest for everyone. It's our internal journey in locating our Selves without the external conditions of society. Here is the beginning of our personal transformation, locating the self and accepting that we really are no matter what. By doing so we become aware of our emotions, emotions and thoughts. Like many people I have been through the motions of expectations, the seeming lack of destination and control.
Discovering the path to lighting may be daunting, and to some, other worldly. However, it’s not, it's only an issue of consciousness and being present in the moment. From that presence we bring ourselves into the authentic path of changing ourselves and our own lives. In the book I want to share the paths of transformation, the different methods for resolving everyday situations we find ourselves inside. This will be really to bring down the real Self into the practical side of dwelling. When the Self is fully out and seasoned in our daily lives, we start to transform the society we're our environment.
Component of the publication are various meditation methods, which I've researched and practiced over recent years. Choosing one technique is similar to picking the ship. It is my honor to accompany you unconditionally to take the reins of your destiny and achieve real success and joy within your own heart.

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