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My Name is Ervin Ruhe Jr.. I’ve been teaching yoga and pilates for ten decades. My focus is health and well being. My knowledge of yoga , pilates, exercise, organic gardening, nutrition & cooking makes an expert in my area. I’m always learning in this subject, and needing to talk with other people. The benefits of healthy living for a richer world. My understanding of video creation, I’m able to bring you items I’m doing on a day to day basis.

I have a lot of ebooks on Amazon along with a few were best sellers in the yoga and pressure relief market. I also have published to healthy eating cookbooks.

If I will help others feel good about themselves with exercise, weightloss, gain energy & endurance with stretching, healthful eating and much more. I feel I’m doing my job on this planet to make this a peaceful place.

The obesity epidemic society has needs to be a huge concern for our future and the future generations to come. If we can stay active with things, you love to do and be happy. We can help to make this a better planet and bring peace and meals to all.

Thanks for reading, when you have made it this far. I hope that I can help you and your friends and family with healthy living through Health Fitness & Adventure.

Your Health Coach and Pilates/Yoga/Fitness instructor,

Ervin Ruhe Jr..

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