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Eric Lim has lived in Bangkok for over a decade and it was this city that helped him rediscover his love for writing, history, civilization, handicraft and the ways of life of old communities of that there is no shortage in Bangkok.

Bangkok has always aroused his fascination and attraction before he set foot in the city. There was this strange attachment into a town despite the fact that it was so radically different from Singapore in which he climbed up.

The world wide web has provided the means to express his fire and the result is his historic travel web site Tour Bangkok Legacies. Venturing beyond Bangkok, he has started a monthly e-zine Bangkok Travelbug on historical and cultural travel to several parts of Thailand.

He's his search for historic and cultural treasures in Bangkok and Thailand. These can be brought to you in his succeeding e-books in the series, "Journey through Thailand", which is about his cultural and historical journeys to the many provinces. His search continues for these paintings, it would take a life time to see all of them.

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